Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Things that piss me off on Facebook

People who upload 55969 photos in one album. Edit that shit down bitch! We don’t need 10 photos of almost the exact same thing. WTF is this a flick book?
People who say they’re attending too many events. Shut up! There is no way you’re attending that many gigs/clubs. Even if you are a socialite. Crappy fuckin mobile uploads. Say it with me 'MORE PIXELS' Do I need a crappy photo of you in the dark looking like a deleted scene from The Blair Witch Project? Anyone who becomes a fan of stupid shit like: smiling - I was waiting for a reply and then realized I never even sent the last text - I hate low battery - Sitting in your towel after a shower because you're too lazy to get dressed - YES THESE ARE REAL FACEBOOK PAGES. Pouting in photos. Tagging object and food as people. Like we went out for a meal I took a photo of each person’s empty plate then tagged the plate as the person - DIE YOU MOOK! Use of the terms LOL, Random, Totes and Casually Anyone who tags their friends as Chartoon characters like Disney, Simpsons, Family Guy or Mr . Men. The Crazy one, the funny one, thet stoner etc. Hot friends of friends who I wanna face stalk - but their profile is on lock down. Girl whasup with that?

People I Like...Andrea ‘Whips’ Feldman

Andrea Feldman (also known as Andrea ‘Whips' Feldman) (1948- 8 August 1972) was an actor and Warhol superstar. A native New Yorker, she starred in several of Warhol's underground movies before committing suicide in 1972. Feldman was heavily involved in the Exploding Plastic Inevitable shows curated by Andy Warhol at which she would perform her famous whip-dance. In August of 1972, Andrea summoned several ex-boyfriends, including poet Jim Carroll, to the home of her parents so that they would be witness to her 'final starring role'; her suicide. Feldman was holding a can of Coke in one hand and a rosary in the other when she jumped from the fourteenth floor of 51 Fifth Avenue & 12th St, NYC. Urban legend often mis-attributes the location of Feldman's suicide to the Hotel Chelsea. Feldman's suicide preceded the release of Heat, in which she had a significant role, by only three weeks. She was noted for her exhibitionist nature and heavy dependence on drugs, particularly amphetamines.