Friday, March 26, 2010

Notes from The Scene: The Mixtape

Recently I was at a house party where a bunch of “cool kids” were hanging. Were drinking beer, downing whiskey and talking n' stuff. A ton of people in the room. Alot of them in "cool bands" from the East London scene.

We've got my friends IPod on.
We were playing the "Pitchfork's Top 500 Songs of the Decade" So we were guaranteed some cool party jams like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, and Animal Collective etc.

One dude at the party I was interested in talking to since I like bot
h bands he's in. He's got a shaven head and tattoos. He reminds me of someone from DC Hardcore scene in the late 80's.

DC Hardcore guy says to me 'I've made a mix CD can I
play it?' So I think yeah cool! He'll prob have some cool stuff on it so I unplug the IPod. So I’m thinking the mix is going to be like:


No Age

Hüsker Dü
Negative Approach

and a bunch of shit I've never heard of.

The playlist was:

Rival Schools

System of A Down
Jimmy Eat World

OK yeah Hole had 2 good albums but What the fuck?

That was a horrible fucking compilation. I know appearances can be deceiving. Just cause you play in heavy bands I don’t expect you to listen to brutal music 24-7. Blur & Oasis back to back! Did you find a cassette from 1996 and burn it off to a CDR?

When I'm walking
around Dalston and I'm seeing these people dressing 'grunge'. Looking like the director of Wayne's World was having a garage sale I try not to be too cynical. I can be sucha sarcastic prick. Sometimes I make shitty comments to my friends as they walk by. but it's there personal style - whatever.

My friend tells me I sound like I'm from Ghostworld.
It's way too easy to be sarcastic and scaving at times. Inside I battle against this urge. But when I see a guy who's heavily involved in a cool DIY scene, who runs a cool label and plays in a cool band and you discover underneath it all He has just awful taste in music. He played Roll With it by Oasis for fuck sake! I felt like I was at the Trainspotting wrap party waiting for Kate Moss and Kula Shaker to turn up. I can’t help it. It to reaffirms everything my outsider mind thinks about scenes/trendy movements and cool kids - Its all surface.