Friday, June 11, 2010

The last 31 days

I Went to a Daniel Clowes 
Q&A and signing. He was nice and signed all my graphic novels.
Watched a lot of MTV. My friend Alex lives in LA. She posted me the most belated birthday present ever. (My birthday was in January) Ate at Edwards Bakery - Willesden Green Best Sandwiches in North Weezy. Tuna mayo and a fresh cream doughnut - Standard. Got a preview copy of the new Electric Assembly EP Its so good, I can't stop listening to it. They're scoring my new as yet untitled film. It's going to look like this: Went to the Richard Kern exhibition with my new friend Aws. This is Aws. She likes Lauryn Hill, video games, The Hills and not having her photograph taken. I'm addicted to buying on Amazon, it's so cheap. I'll think of things I wanna see/listen to and impulsively buy it. They've also given me a 1 month free trial on guaranteed next day delivery. I got given about 500 records from my friend Simon. His old DJ roommate left them in the attic a few years ago. Hung with my hommie hazem. We've been hustlin' trying to sell my vinyl and eating a lot of Caribbean food trying to find 

the best jerk chicken. 3rd place: Jerk City Wardour Street 2nd place: Ochi Shepherd's Bush 1st Place One Stop Harelsden One Stop is bang bang! The food is amazing, the Guinness punch owns and the place has a great vibe. They also have a DJ called Stone Love who sells dance halls CD R's all day. Been Speaking to my friend Kristen a lot. Turns out she's not seen the movie Ghost World. Its weird since she pretty much is Edith. I corrected this (via amazon of course) I made a personalised gift note: Went to see Sam Amidon perform Went to my local bar The Kings Head. Got wasted a bunch of times. Since my friends work there we stay after hours and party I went to see The Tallest Man On Earth perform. The most ironic show ever. He's barely 5 foot and I couldn't see shit. This was my view: After the show I walked home listening to music on my iPod. The air was cool the sky looked bruised and the streets were empty. Good times. I spoke to Emily Gould and were doing an interview for my blog I took 3 photos I really like: 1. 2. 3.

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