Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lux Loves...Frederic Pardo's Home Movie (1968)

Frederic Pardo's Home Movie is a tribute to his lover and collaborator, actress Tina Aumont. Running just under 40 minutes and completely silent, Home Movie, autour du Lit de la Vierge was shot in 1968 on the set of Philippe Garrel's Le Lit de la Vierge. Pardo and Aumont had created a commune like atmosphere in the mid to late sixties for a group of French artists and filmmakers that had begun exploring the possibilities of cinema under the banner of Zanzibar Films. The 19 year old Garrel was among the most talented and his unforgettable career owes much to Pardo and Aumont's influence, with Pardo's paintings providing inspiration and Aumont becoming one of his most memorable actors in film after film. Le Lit de la Vierge, Home Movie isn't so much a documentary on the making of a film as a heartfelt valentine to a relationship that obviously burned very brightly. Shot in 16mm with a mixture of black and white color footage. The silence serves the film surprisingly well. According to some trivia mentioned at IMDB, Pardo himself suggested playing a Rolling Stones record during its running time to provide some music. Home Movie is more than anything else a tribute to Tina Aumont. Filming her face and body as close up as possible with the kind of intimate detail rarely seen in film, Pardo clearly loves Aumont dearly and at one point even frames her surrounded by fireworks in the background. The film probably wouldn't work if Aumont wasn't so arresting but she is positively electric in these frames. Thanks to the amazing Jeremy Richey at Moon In The Gutter for the photos.


rachel said...

I LOVE these so much!

Lux said...

That you Callaghan?

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can watch Home Movie? Can't find it anywhere. Cheers.


luxthanzero said...

My friend has a copy.
He was meant to copy it for me but never did.
there are clips online.

thanks for reading