Sunday, July 25, 2010

Isn't it a pity

Yesterday I went to a show. I got to the door and a girl I used to know was selling the tickets. I said an awkward ‘hi’ and went to watch the show. Back story is about a year ago we used to hang out a lot. Then things got weird between us. I still think about her. After the band played I went outside to ring my friend to see if she was still in the area. Whilst on the phone the friend selling tickets stepped out for a cigarette. She walked across the road lit her cigarette and began talking to a friend. I could see her look over at me as I was on the phone. After the call I hung around outside the venue, her still across the road. I dont know why I was doing this. I must have been standing around for 15-20mins. I looked over to her and it looked like she was making out with the guy she had been talking to but they were just hugging. I went for a walk around the block. I was feeling really sad. We had made out one time, this caused the rift. I often wondered was it a drunken mistake on her part or did she really have feelings for me? I stood around near this block of flats for a while. I saw a cat staring at me from a window so I took a photo. As I began to walk back to the club I caught my reflection in a window and starred at my face. I’m not that good looking. This girl was beautiful. This probably was a mistake. Back at the club I remembered I had a bottle of whiskey in my pocket. I ordered a coke from the bar and poured in the whisky. I sat down by myself as people partied around me. I thought she might come back in and talk to me. I’d missed my last train so I was determined on riding it out, whatever this was. I was making some weird protest by sitting in the club by myself. I didn’t speak to anyone. I just stared into space. I Thought about what I wanted to say to her. After an hour she still hadn’t come back inside. I wondered was she making a protest herself by not wanting to be in the same room as me. I decided I was being juvenile. I should confront her and talk. I walked out to go meet her but she wasnt there. I went back in and asked her friend who was selling tickets with her earlier where she was. She'd left an hour ago to go to another party.


sleater said...

Loved this, man! Thanks!

Lux said...

Thanks dude.
Real 808's and Heartbreaks.