Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11

I heart Chucky aka Charles Lee Ray aka The Lakeshore Strangler.

Remake poster *insert sad face here*

A letter I wrote to Andy's mom
Dear Andy Barclay's mom.
You're one stupid bitch.
First you buy your son lame clothes for his birthday and didn't even get him one fuckin toy!
You then had to buy a good guy doll off a hobo in an alley.
Didn't you think that was weird?
Good job in bringing the notorious Lakeshore Strangler into your home.
He killed your friend Maggie but that's OK cause I hated her and thought she was mean.
He killed and a bunch of other people too tho...that's not cool. You can't do to that.
Andy had to be taken into a foster home cause you had to undergo psychiatric evaluation for backing up Andy's story about Chucky being alive.
Andy had to go to military school.
Then Chucky tried to play 'hide the soul' with a black kid called Tyler.
I think you're a bad mom.
You have blood on your hands.
Now I'm scared of kids in red converse.
Hate you Andy's mom.
Aday duey Dembella give me the power I beg of you secoose entayur may pwa de mort mortees may le devacor de me voshay adalay pour day bwasay dembella secoose entayur may pwa de mort adalay pour day bwasay dembella adalay pour  dembella adalay pour day bwasay dembella adalay pour day bwasay dembella


To celebrate Child’s Play, the 20th Birthday Edition DVD
They got a bunch of little people and dressed them up like Chucky and let them loose across NYC with knifes.

This 'Chucky' doesn't fuck around. He's ready to stab you in the gut.


Way too much Chucky!

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FreeFox said...

Dang. I love red converse hi-tops. Bloody sexiest shoe there is, esp. on he feet of the right bloke. Chucky isn't only creepy, what is a lot worse he is tastelessly ugly and un-sexy... ^_^