Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 30


Chocka Ca-Ca
Chocka Ca-Ca is a fudge candy that comes wrapped in  a real baby diaper, and is even shaped like liquid piled on top of liquid. It's like eating poo right out of a diaper. It comes boxed and bound with a pink, blue, or yellow ribbon, with the phrase "THIS is as sweet as it'll EVER get!"
Unit Price = $4.95/dirty-diaper

Reese's Snacksters
The photos are real, and the webbing stuff around the candy cereal goodness is not like mold, it's more like a web, or cocoon material. The package was completely sealed before my friend opened it and freaked out. So apparently we are eating bug eggs that just haven't hatched yet, and it makes me wonder what other bugs would hatch in our food if we just wait long enough.
not for sale
Hose Nose
Have you ever stood on the side of bridge, leaned your head over, let a wad of drool slowly emerge from your mouth, and then suck it back up into your mouth again? Sooo NASTY! Well, enough about my past. Let's talk about this gross candy. This works the same way. You strap the giant plastic nose filled with candy ooze.... the delicious stuff drips out of the nostrils onto your tongue. Perfectly disgusting.... but yummy none the less.... no saltiness like REAL boogers! Not that I've eaten the real ones myself.... that's just what I've heard.
Chocolate Skeleton
No bones about it, this is a delicious casket of white chocolate parts! Hand crafted by Moonstruck Chocolate.
4.35 oz

Pokemon Lollipop w/ Razor Blade
A 10-year-old elementary school student found a razor blade in the Pokemon lollipop he was about to hand to his sister. Dollar General, which sold the lollipop for $1, immediately recalled the remaining Pokemon Valentine Cards and Pops from its 8,300 stores, but they are concerned that "most of this candy has already been purchased."
not for sale

Alien Drool Sour Liquid Candy
[18CT Box]
Creepy, gooey, and green sour liquid candy that oozes from eye-dropper bottles.
Display box contains 18 Alien Drool candy treats.
Unit Price : $2.00/bottle.

 Homemade Vegan Candy Corn
Packaged candy corn at your local store typically is packed with animal products like gelatin, egg whites, & beeswax, so members of the PPK were lamenting the lack of the sugary little confection in their lives. Well, lament no more!

9. Candy Blood Bags
The right “type” for candy fun any time! Watermelon-flavored liquid candy. 5oz. Fat-free. © OTC
Candy Blood Bags
Was $5.99 Per Dozen
Now $4.47

10. Candy Pen and Paper Set
Delicious candy ink and paper you can eat! Every pack includes 5 pieces of candy paper and 3 pens of a possible 4 fabulous flavors: Lemon, Strawberry, Green Apple, or Blue Raspberry.
Pen Length: 5 Inches.
Unit Price = $4.00/pack
  11. Boo-Boo Licks Edible Candy Bandages
Ouch! Your trick-or-treaters will love these edible candy bandages with gooey, sticky centers! A wonderfully weird goody for any Halloween party, these fruit flavor candies contain real fruit juice. Mixed fruit flavor. Individually wrapped. (1 dozen per box, 6 boxes per unit) Fat-free.
$10.99 6 Piece(s)

12. Three Musketeers w/ Razor Blade
It was a frightening moment for 15-year-old David Mahon who went trick or treating with his family in a Minneola neighborhood. After collecting candy, the teen claims he found the razor blade in a small candy bar. David was trick or treating in the Lakewood subdivision off US-27 in Minneola on Wednesday. He was just walking down the street when he saw a candy bar on the ground. He picked it up and put it in the bag with the rest of his candy.
13. Seeping Brains
9 oz.
3D hollow brain filled with gummi worms
not for sale

14. Oozing Eyeballs
Keep your eye on this sweet candy! “Mad scientists”, optometrists and other trick-or-treaters love these gooey treats! Marshmallow candy with assorted fruit-flavored jelly fillings. Individually wrapped. (60 pcs. per unit)

15. Gummy Handcuffs
If you are feeling a bit randy, why not try something new in the bedroom?
Gummy Handcuffs are the ultimate fun restraint tool. Made of squishy gummy candy. The essential accessory for any master/mistress; keys not required.
The Gummy Handcuffs is an edible sex candy.
16. Ear Wax Candy
It’s a plastic ear filled with a fruity jelly-like candy that resembles ear wax. It even comes with a plastic “swab” to use to dig out the candy. I don’t know why they chose to make the ears pink though - if you’re going gross, you should go all out - they definitely should have made the ears flesh-colored.
1 ear/ $1.89
17. Horror Bag
Inside are a bunch of loosely related individually wrapped gummy candies, including a pair of eyes, two sets of gummy fangs, a bag of sweet 'blood' capsules, a few creepy candy scabs, two boring orange pumpkin things, and the star of the show -- a big gummy skeleton in several parts! He's made of that gross kind of all-white non-translucent rough gummy meat, but it's not like you buy a gummy skeleton in several parts to eat. He's just there so you have something to play with.
18. Sour Flush Candy Plungers with Sour Powder Dip Toilets
A pair of two toilet plunger lollipops that come with a plastic commode filled with sour powder, these are fast becoming a favorite for parties and just plain fun! The lollipop is flat on the end so it looks like a toilet plunger. Lick the plunger then dip it into the toilet to get some candy on it. Flavors include Green Apple, Raspberry, and Watermelon.

19. Absinthe Lollipops
A good sized lollipop; it’s a good inch and a half round and 1/4 inch think. The color is a beautiful translucent spring green with a blueish sheen to it. The smell is sweet with no indication of flavor. Absinthe is that infamous “scary” alcoholic drink; the one that has been banned for the longest time due to its hallucinogenic effects. A single lollipop's effects are mildly hallucinogenic, and sucking two at once is a popular activity that is not recommended. Sold only to adults over the age of 18.
4 lollipops/ $10

20. Nihilist Mints
Life has no meaning or purpose. And since life has no meaning, why bother with things like… taste? Nihilist Mints are flavorless. The box looks very cool (not that anyone would care) and contains 60 mints with no flavor whatsoever. They taste like nothing.

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