Sunday, October 31, 2010


31 Days of Halloween/Horror/Occult and Kardashians.
If you stopped by my blog this month thank you.
I've bought 10 horror DVDs this month and managed to watch 2 so the Halloween vibe will be carrying through til November for me.

I gotta thank everyone who helped out making my films and trailers. You people know who you are.
Below is pretty much everything I love about Halloween: pumpkins, horror movies, smoke machines, the woods, old houses, creepiness,  nightmares, scary stories, crappy costumes and friends getting together  and partying. Hope you readers have a great Halloween.

I gotta give a satanic birthday shout out to my friend Mika.
She has the wicked privilege of being born on the coolest day of the year. She's a huge horror fan and her narration on I Know You Cried Last Night Halloween Special blew me away.
On top of all that she's a great artist too!
Check her shit out here 

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