Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I made a promise to blog about Teeth a year ago. They've currently blowing up and probably don't need my exposure but I found these photos on my hard drive and thought I'd share them and keep my promise at the same time.

So the story is...
I drunkenly met Simon at a house party about a year ago. The house party was nice and dirty and went on til the morning. About 6am as that began to wind down I got invited back to where Simon was living. He was squating in some epic dilapidated town house. A bunch of dudes and one girl went downstairs to have an orgy. I didnt want to 'participate' I waited around and watched for a few minutes. Then just wandered round their house the whole night drinking and taking photos. Thing came to a close/head around 9am. I  vividly remember a girl fell into a K hole. We decided to bring her to bed. As we carried her she was incomprehensible shouting random stuff like 'aggghhhhh ohhhaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa' but at one point in amongst the screams she shouted 'LOL'. I was laughing so hard I almost dropped the chick down the stairs.
I thought I deleted the photos but I found them buried in a folder entitled 'TEEEEEEETH PARTY'

The Party

The After Party


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