Monday, July 04, 2011

A glimpse of a Wednesday afternoon

Today was my day off. I left the house to go buy pasta sauce.

I stopped by the local charity store for a quick 'look'.
I found this old horror movie.

Weird old horror movie I've never heard of involving satanism = gotta have it!
That lead me to think whoever donated this probably left more cool movies.
I then saw Return of The Living Dead (1985) and The Entity (1982)
Do I own Return of The Living Dead (1985) on DVD?
Do you need it on VHS?
Not really... But I love the artwork and I collect certain movies on VHS for nostalgia.

I thought these would make nice additions to my special selection of VHS tapes I keep on display.
Gummo (1997) isnt available on DVD in the UK
Less Than Zero (1987) If you read me - you know I love all things Bret Ellis.
Note: The artwork has a mirror and coke on it! How fuckin swag!
Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2 are dope as fuck.

Then I saw this

I love this movie!
I thought it would compliment my Singles OST cassette nicely.

I was about to leave when I decided to look through the vinyl.
I found Cocteau Twins vinyls and some racist as fuck minstrel record.
Stevens thoughts: Buy these and sell them to the second hand music store.
Take the money you make and go buy even more CD's + books + DVDs.

I then saw a big pile of vintage classical vinyl mostly on Deutsche Grammophon.
More shit to sell!
Even though I work full time and have enough money. I love trading and trying to make money on old shit.
I have this playing in my head anytime I walk into a pawn shop or a thrift store.

Before the supermarket I stopped by the pawn shop and found a copy of Mulholland Dr. (2001)
I thought this would fill the void once my Twin Peaks (TV Series 1990–1991)  marathon is over.
Also if your reading this and you 'borrowed' my original copy of Mulholland - YOU'RE A CUM RAG!

Did I come out looking for this shit?
Could I leave without it?
Fuck no!

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KFitz said...

Brimstone & Treacle is a cult classic. Some of the impact of the stage play is kinda lost in translation but it still packs a pretty brutal punch.