Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goth Star: Lux Meets Annie Su

Annie Su is a fashion designer from Los Angeles. 
She makes clothes, has cool friends and appeared in one the greatest music videos of all time.

Lux: This is your first interview for your line. I'm hyped.
Annie: Me too!

Lux: When we first spoke I pretty much accused you of being a drug lord. You said something like ‘yeah when I used to sell dope I used to have to boss a fuck load of people around'.

Annie: Ha! Yeah when I was 18-21 I managed two large medical marijuana dispensaries in California. One of which was the Jim Morrison building in Venice, California. I had a lot of responsibilities for that age, so I handled grown-up problems, bossed people around, and looked cute doing it.

Lux: Other than being a drug kingpin you featured in the Die Slow video, which is one of my top 10 fav videos of all time. I'm obsessed with that promo. Tell me about the shoot?
Annie: I was in a few music videos actually! I did one for Lady Gaga, Goo Goo Dolls, and HEALTH. On the Die Slow music  shoot I drank two bottles of champagne and passed out on a $30,000 antique bed with my best friend (who smashes the vase in the video). Jake from HEALTH (my boyfriend) had to wake me up several times to do the shoot. I suck.

Lux: Do you still know the dance?
Annie: I still know 'some' of the line dancing choreography. To be fair, I often smoke weed during video and photo shoots but never had I been drunk during a shoot. I took advantage of that opportunity. It worked out for the 'dumb model train spaced out look' as one person on YouTube put it.

Lux: HEALTH last three videos have been fuckin incredible. They keep hitting it out of the park.
Annie: My favourite is We are Water and no, the girl running is not Jake in drag nor is it Alice Glass.
Lux: Yeah that video does more in 3mins than 99% of horror movies. Actually if I’m being fair I have to mention and props to Travis's (Pictureplane) his video for Negative Slave's some sort of genius I can't even begin to understand.

Lux:  For your line you’ve got the greatest people in the noise scene modelling your shit:  John from HEALTH, Yasmine from Tearist, and Pictureplane shit how did you wrangle that?
Annie:  I met them through my boyfriend's band. I got to do a nice shoot of Yasmine and Travis at the backstage area of the Echoplex in Los Angeles before one of Pictureplane's shows. John and I were really drunk and stage dived and we failed during the set. I hope it's not on YouTube.

Lux: And a MMA Fighter! Seriously WTF?
Annie: That's Ronda Rousey, the youngest to ever get into the Olympics Judo aged Seventeen. She is a friend of mine. She'll be wearing some of my clothes to her next big event, where she might take a bitch out in UNDER 25 seconds this time.

Lux: Where did the name Alternative Ulster come from?
Annie: Alternative Ulster is a song by  Stiff Little Fingers. The full name of my shop is actually Alternative Ulster & Sub Rosa.

Lux: You’re really into modifying thrift store finds and studs and metal embellishments huh? Talk about your range.
Annie: I've re-purposed and jewelry/accessories I've made, and Sub Rosa refers to the vintage clothes. I hand stud/sew/craft everything, just like when I was in high school.  I got to working on the jackets again. My full website still isn't 100% done yet but should be in a month or less with constant updates almost daily. I've got more 88 vest variations and custom orders in the works at the moment. So, more studs and spikes.

Lux: Who personally inspires you in fashion?
Annie: I am inspired by the homeless people that are in my neighbourhood. Not kidding.

Lux: Finally what’s your favorite album of the year so far?
Annie: At the moment it's Pictureplane's Thee Physical.

Alternative Ulster & Sub Rosa
Handmade and handpicked by Annie Su
Men and women's handmade (Alternative Ulster) and vintage clothing (Sub Rosa)

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