Monday, August 22, 2011

All The Kings Men

My best 'male friend' Mark aka Boycie celebrated his birthday at Bodeans.

We ordered a stupid amount of food and had to take some away.

Met Vanessa in The Old Blue Last to go see Die! Die! Die!

We went for a Pizza before the band played. Vanessa spent the meal talking with her chain over her mouth.

I met up with my friend Ling and walked around London.

It was Lali's birthday. I love her.

I spent far too long trying to pose for a Tom Waits esq photo by this beat up organ.

I met with Luna for Vietnamese food. 
We then went to see Gang Gang Dance play.
Anila was there. She is an all time best friend.
I met with Dan to go for Carrbean food.

After went to see Warpaint. Theyre one of my favorite bands now. They're so tight live.
My friend Steve from the record store is a stand up comedian. I went to see his new show. Guys got LOL's.
Ended up at Cantine with Cat and got very drunk on Whisky Mac's.

I had some beers in Bush hall then watched Akron/Family. 

They did this weird trippy thing where they made the whole crowd hold up one finger for the whole song.

This is Fenar. He's an actor and also works in the record store. 
He was in a play DNA which was directed by Anthony Stewart Head AKA Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series 1997–2003)
I was so excited for him. 
I went to see the performance. 

It was a dark comedy about a group of school kids who kill a fellow student. Fenar plays the boy who gets killed. This was the stage before the show started.
Went to see Low with Matt & Aisha.

 I love The Barbican it's one of the coolest places in London. They had a big red curtain which gave the performance a Twin Peaks vibe - LOVE.

My friend/hero/mentor/guy who got me writing/blogging and taking film making seriously Dennis Cooper was in town for a small art show her currated.

My two favourite things from the show:

I had two weeks off work .I had big plans to see friends, party, cinema and get trashed. Instead I ordered Twin Peaks (TV Series 1990–1991) from Amazon and my week pretty much looked like this.

After a while I got cabin fever.
I Went to Spuntino for lunch.

Met Grace for Chinese food.
After we went to see Attack The Block (2011)
It's seriously the best british movie since Dead Mans Shoes (2004).
Fuck Edgar Wright this movie destroys everything he's been trying to do.
Note: That said Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World  (2010) was dope as fuck.
After the movie we went to the newly opened M&Ms store.
It's like being on bad acid.
They've basically stuck a M&M onto every conceivable piece of merchandise.
They play loud 'pop music' at a crazy loud volume. Everything is in strong primary color and all the staff are fake happy.

I heard at the last minute Stevie Nicks was doing a signing session for her new album. I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. My boss was cool as fuck and let me leave work early. 
I sat in down in a que for two and a half hours and listened to the Imperial Bedrooms [Audiobook, Unabridged] narrated by Andrew McCarthy. 

This was a cold fast in-out signing session. I had a long question for her but this so wasn't the time to chat. Get your signature and get out.
I met with Charlotte to go eat at Polpo.
The weather was amazing that day.
I got lost trying to find the restaurant and ended up in Bateman Street.
One of the top 5 meals of my life. 


Potato salad
Cold plate of meats  = SWAG

Chocolate Salami for desert

I met up with Michael for the first time in ages.
He is one of my favourite people.
We went to the Southbank
Great weather too
We ate at the Pitt Cue Co.

We had the pork. It was amazing, so tender. I got a 'pickleback' which is apparently popular in the deep South, and consists of a shot of bourbon followed by a shot of pickle brine and some strips of pork crackling. You drink the bourbon first, then the brine - which neutralises the whiskey burn  you then  follow it with the pig snacks.

After the pork we both wanted a desert. We turned the corner and found a churros stand!
We Then turned another corner and saw this weirdo's art.
We had some beers in Canteen.

It was great catching up with Michael, he's one of my best friends and one of the few people I can talk at length about music and movies...basically a 'geek chat'. We got drunk and reminisced about Seinfeld (TV Series 1990–1998) for most of the night.

I caught up with Anila a couple of times. 
Hang 1# Mexican

Hang 2# Byron Burgers.
Sarah aka Ultragrrrl was in town from New York. She's really cool. Her page was the first blog I ever read. She used to write for Spin now works for Nylon. She got The Horrors signed in the states and championed Interpol and pretty much any band that sounds like Joy Division. 
We meet up and walked around London. 
I met up with Charlotte to go see my boy Yanni new band Butcher In The Fog
We at at Chipolte before the show.
Then we went to the bar to meet with Mark aka Boycie.

Yanni & Alex have been working on this shit for ages. They were crazy. I think they sounded like Lightning Bolt which is a fine fine thing. Total proud dad moment.

Been drinking Starbucks Frapucinos constantly. Shit is mad refreshing.

It had been a while since I've been second hand shopping so I went to Notting Hill.

I love second hand book and record stores, so my shit.

I went to the Wireless Festival.


I Was just about to watch Foals when some fight broke out.

My friend almost got dragged into it. I went to pull him out. He was OK but my man bag wasn't.

I was bumed out. But then I bumped into my friend Dan from the old record store I worked at.
We went and watched Grace Jones.

We then said hi to Tunde from TVOTR

I caught up with LC & Jordan - record store buddies.

It was Boris 6th Birthday.
I had to catch a ride with some random dude who my sister in law knows.
To avoid conversation I just put headphones on and read my book and stared out the window. I'm an antisocial dick, I know.

I got there just in time for the sack race.

On the drive home the sky looked bruised so I took a photo.

I turned round and my Dad was taking photos too.

I came into work to find a mariachi band and dancing owls outside for the launch of Rango (2011).

 I had to get my photo taken. If only to make my nephew jealous.

It was so funny. The people in the Owl costumes cant see so they had to be guided to the staff room.

Costa Coffe Frapucinos are TERRIBLE!

Yoel my friend and actor from my Broken Social Scene video came by to see me at work. We haven't seen each other in over a year. We did lunch.

Mat, Cat and I went to the NFT to see an old Jenny Aggutter movie called I start Counting (1969)
I finally met Nurse Alex. She was amazing, charming and beautiful and cool. Big life moment. Just gotta meet Larry David and Vincent Gallo then the list is done.

After I went for dinner with Mat and Cat.
The food sucked. Wagamama stinks.

It was Vanessa's birthday.
I said I'd take her out. We met on the Southbank and chilled with some beers.

I took her to the aquarium. It's the one they filmed Closer (2004)
We were hyped to see the penguins!

You had to walk through this cool tunnel of fake ice to penguin area.

When we got there the penguins were either sleeping or looking bummed out
and looked like they were dead/planking or asleep.

This one penguin was standing by himself far away from the other penguins. It was the saddest thing ever.

Vanessa hadn't been to Spuntino so I took there for dinner.
Slidders, Shoestring fries and steak & eggs.

Afterwards we had the peanut butter & jelly ice cream sandwich. Soooooooo good.

We were so full afterwards. We just curbed it til it was time for the cinema.

We ended the evening with Beginners (2011)

The film was beautiful and sad. It was nice end to a really sweet day. One of those special times where the whole day is amazing, fun and hilarious and reminds you how great your friend is. Vanessa is truly awesome.

So awesome infact that she came by the store to meet me for lunch the next day.

We did Byron burgers.

I won tickets for the iTunes festival. I saw Mogwai play.

Dan and I went to see Tim & Eric live. It was strange, surreal and amazing.

We were in the front row and got covered in fake throw up at the shows climax.

We met them after the show. How happy does Dan look! So keut!

I got shit face drunk at my friend Jordans Birthday.
I don't remember most of these photos...I'm in most of them too, so I definitely didn't take them.

 I don't know these people in the photo. I just remember they were Spanish.

 Apparently I danced with her.

We left the club to find Erwan had got chucked out of the club for sleeping. He was meant to stay at mine that night. He had been waiting outside the club for an hour just sitting on the curb reading The Walking Dead.

Comedian friend Steve told me he might have a free Doug Stanhope ticket.
His friend was meant to go but he'd just had a powercut at work. If the power didn't gets turned back on the next hour he cant go. It was the most itense hour ever. The power never came back on. YOINK!
Needless to say the show was dark as sin.

Dan, Anila and I went to Field Day.

I had so much fun.They were giving away free coupons for two Jeremiah Weed Brews.
One tasted like root beer the other was bourbon. I must have went back atleast 5 times pretending I had just entered the festival to get more coupons.

I tried to watch Mark Kozlek but he was being drowned out by the dance tent. It was sad to watch.
This is him getting pissed off. He described the set as like 'trying to fuck your girl and texting at the same time'.
If you ever do get the chance to see Mark in a nice quiet venue do! He'll break your heart.

 Twin Shadow

It started to rain so everyone hid under the tree.

The rain didnt last long. Then it got dark.

The Horrors

Wild Beasts
They were my highlight. Blown away.

NOTE: Obv I saw Warpaint play at Field Day...I just didn't take a picture.

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