Monday, October 31, 2011

Untitled story written for Halloween by Steven T. Hanley

It was a week before Halloween when I first started reading about the killings. I was high and watching the news when I saw the footage of the police pulling bags out of a dumpster.

And I'm stoned again. I can’t sleep. My friend's keep ringing me drunk. They’re at a party wanting me to come oves. They keep leaving me voicemails singing that fucking song from Coming To America… and that was the first night I dreamt about the killer.

I wake up crying and I ring my boyfriend and we talk for an hour he tells me he loves me and he misses me and the last thing he says to me is 'you are all I see'.

I'm at a party and everyone is already celebrating Halloween even though it’s only October 25th.
My friend says 'this killer has got us all bloodthirsty’.

The party is pretty wild. Everyone is in costume, drunk and running around wearing masks, wielding knives and trying to fake kill each other.

Around midnight a guy turned up who was a friend of the girl whose body was dumped in the car park of the 7-11 2 days ago.

He freaked out and called us all sick.

I decided to leave.  My friend from college came with me.
We parked up at the hill and drank some beers we stole from the party.

He tells me how much he misses me. I tell him ‘I'm sorry. I'm weird. I'm a loner.’ It all went quiet so I held him in my arms for a while.

A few nights later I went over to my friends house to watch Poltergeist.  More and more people showed up and it slowly turned into another party.

We were sitting round drinking beers and someone ‘How many people do you have to kill to be considered a serial killer’ ?

Alex answered ‘you have to kill 3 people in order to be a serial killer. If you kill more than 3 or 4 in one place at the same time.... you’re a mass murderer’

At one time he had a little obsession with serial killers. He was reading all these books on the subject and watching cheap documentaries on you tube.

He started listing off these facts but began to feel like all the girls were looking at him like he was creep so he stopped.

By midnight everyone was sat around baked and someone asked him ‘what’s the most fucked up thing he's read about a killer’ and he gets this evil look in his eye told us a story about John Wayne Gacy.

This young guy who worked for Gacy rented the spare bedroom in his house.

He came home one night and found Gacy drunk and dressed in his clown costume.  The clown invited him to join him for a drink. Then Gacy asked him did he want to see a trick?

He said yeah.

Gacy quickly threw handcuffs on him and started laughing saying 'the trick is to have the key'.

And so the guys sat there with a drunk clown laughing at him so he says 'if you don’t take the cuffs off I’m gonna kick your ass'

Then he a saw a side of him that few lived to tell about.

Gacy stared into his eyes and just started growling at him.

He suddenly lunged at him shouting "I'm gonna rape you".

They scuffled on the floor.

Despite being cuffed managed to kick him to the ground grabbed the key and ran out the front door.

I couldn’t sleep that night after hearing that.

The next night was another party.
I'm with Jenny in the kitchen and I get a call from a withheld number. The guy is screaming and shouting telling me he’s going to pump me full of drugs and dump my body in Mexico.

I look around trying to see if anyone at the party is on their phone and I suddenly feel like I’m in a Scream movie. I look at Jenny and she stares back at me and asks me 'Was that real?'

That night I had the most intense nightmare of my life.

I was in my house.  And he was there… I strip for him… … he turns my head to one side and screamed something into my ear.

It was the worst thing.

 I freaked out. I jumped out of bed and ran out of my apartment into my hallway. I sat in the corridor shaking.

I didn’t want to be alone so the next day I went to help another friend move out. We were clearing out his closet and found these tapes from when were at film school.

We started watching the footage from when we were working on this horror movie.

 We got stoned and were laughing our asses off.

I was home alone when I got the call about what happened at the party

Some students were at a party watching movies and apparently the killer came in through the back garden and came in through the back door.

He had a green balaclava on walked into the middle of the living room. At first everyone thought it was a joke. They were all so baked.

Slowly everyone became quiet as they took it all in.

 The mask. 

The knife with the dried blood and hair stuck to it.

The guys at the party told the cops that the killer just stood there for 10 minutes staring at them

When he heard the scream from next door he left.

I guess the scream was the moment when the Mom found her daughters body dumped in the swimming pool.

After that all the parties stopped.

We were all so freaked out on Halloween night. Everyone was scared he'd do something wild - like this whole thing had been a build up to a Halloween massacre.

My boyfriend got back that night.

We were going to stay in and watch Boomerang but decided to go for a walk instead.

The streets were eerily quiet.

We stopped at a liquor store and then wandered the streets til the whiskey was gone.

 Then went to the bar. They were playing that John Phillips album  “John, the Wolf King of L.A.”

We stayed til closing and then walked home.

Nothing happened. That night or afterwards.

The killings just kinda stopped.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fuck it. Come back on the 31st... I'll post something I wrote.

The Walking Dead

I'm sick. I've been throwing up for 2 days. I feel like death.
I wont be able to finish my Halloween films.
I'll try to finish them in November.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011