Saturday, December 03, 2011

So they say, they say in Heaven theres no husbands or wives

I found this photo of this girl I used to know.
I've been a grade-A asshole to a few people in my life and I've pretty much cleared most shit up with people. But this girl I was terrible to and never got to straighten shit out. She was always really nice to me. I was hurt by someone else and thought being awful to her would be the thing to do.
She had alot of shit going on at the time that I didn't know about. I just made shit even worse.
I've tried to contact her a bunch of times but she just ignores me.
She used to read my blog.
Just incase she still does, she might see this.
She was cool. I remember she had 'The district sleeps alone tonight' engraved on her iPod.

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