Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Email from Jenny Bunny

I really love your blog - for many reasons. It is always interesting. Very inspiring and you introduce me to a lot of stuff I haven't heard of before and would've probably never come across. Like for example the Blondes album. That was/is amazing.
But mostly I like your blog because it gives me the chance to get to know you a little more. You are probably one of the most interesting people I know.
I love the variations in your interests and your passion about them, all of which is showing in your posts. From a flood of pictures that you saved on your computer to an emotional song, or a poem over to recapping two months of your life.
I admire your honesty and showing your vulnerability. Sometimes I just want to go and copy what you just did, but I cannot bring myself to do so.
On other days, especially when your posts seem more sad and I am going through similar motions, I feel like I have visited someone who understands me, which is very comforting. Like a friend.

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