Friday, August 31, 2012




“All along he had believed, instinctually, that his broken heart had something to do with the collapse of the culture.”
-Sarah Schulman, Empathy
“So I put despair on my schedule for twice a month; I think that’s a reasonable amount of time to feel hopeless about everything, about staying here on Earth.”
-Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

“Memory means: what is past becomes something that can happen again.”
-Giorgio Agamben on Walter Benjamin’s definition of memory

“The new philosophy bases itself on the truth of love, on the truth of feeling. In love, in feeling in general, every human being confesses to the truth of the new philosophy…Where there is no love there is also no truth. And only he who loves something is also something - to be nothing and to love nothing is one and the same thing.”

- Ludwig Feuerbach, Principles of the Philosophy of the Future, 1843.


Someone tells me:

“People fall in love with you.”

Someone tells me:

“You want to know what you already know. You want proof.”

Someone tells me:

“You are a singular being.”

Someone tells me:

“You put all your fragility out there. You don’t hide it.”

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Creepy conversation with a friend on gmail

X: I got what dirty guys want so once i let them know i need something they already have a deal made up in their mind

me: they think you'll fuck them?

X: yeah

me: hmmm

Creepy conversation with a friend on gmail

X:i got what dirty guys want so once i let them know i need something they already have a deal made up in their mind me: they think you'll fuck them? X: yeah me: hmmm

Sunday, August 12, 2012


She just turned up on his door.
She asked his best friend.
He said he hadn’t seen him in almost 4 months.
Last he heard he moved back in with his parents. He told her he’s still got the number somewhere on a piece of paper.
Michael had rang him from the home phone one night really late.
He was speaking quietly cause he didn’t want to wake his parents.
The friend wrote the number not knowing if or when or how he’d speak to him again.

She looked so sad. Her eyes looked like she’d been crying. In his head he put the story together that she was home, she thought about Michael and her together. She got sad. She might have looked at some pictures of them together. Then it hit her. She needed him. She wanted to connect with him. She needed to.   She didn’t have a number for Michael and didn't know where he had gone and the nearest thing and closet thing to him she could reach for was his best friend, so she went straight to his house.

She said saw him on gmail chat a couple of months ago. She wanted to type but was too scared he'd ignore her. She said she wanted to appologise for how bad shit got between them and that she thinks most of it was her fault. He left town as a result. She's telling him all this stuff like she thinks he's gonna relay it all to Michael and maybe he'll get back into contact and come back.

He doesnt tell her how he knows Michael left at 5am crying, throwing his clothes and a pair of shoes into the back of his car and taking a 5 hour drive to Colardao and turning up at his parents after calling them only 3 hours before saying he'd just decided to get away and come stay for a while.

A Wednesday afternoon both of them in the living room. The friend just kept thinking over and over how sad it is just to have a parents home phone number of a best friend.