Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Serena Herrick

Serena is a witch or some shit.
I was introduced to her via the amazing Alex Lukens.
Here photos creep me the fuck out. There's something spooky, faded and ominous about them.
I cant pinpoint what it is but there's something strange going on. I love this.
I've been meaning to post her stuff for almost a year, I wanted an interview to accompany this but on the few times we do talk we just talk about southern hip-hip and our love of The Craft (1996)

Hit her up here
and here


Joel Townsend said...

I think what's making you uncomfortable is the way all of her subjects seem to have existed in pitch darkness, and she took the photo with the flash not knowing what she was about to see.

I know that's not what really happened, but it's very convincing.

Lux said...

That's a great way of seeing it.
I just told Serena this.
Thanks for reading dude.