Friday, October 12, 2012

Yeah, no one ever knows what you're talking about So I guess you're already there

This is Alex.
We've known each other for a few years. This year she went on an epic road trip and we lost touch.
Tonight she left a video on my wall and so I skyped her. We spoke for a few hours and it was one of those times  between friends when the connection between you is on fire. You remember why you're such good friends in the first place. You make each other laugh and you remember why you love each other so much. We talked about Seinfeld, David Foster Wallace, Dream Phone and about lovers and losses and the good times.

She said my blog is one of two blogs she bothers to look at. Since Alex is so fucking smart and talented this is a huge deal for me. So I decided to post this as a time stampof that call and that reconnection and she'll stumble on this sometime like it was our initials carved into a tree forever ago.

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