Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I was on the train coming home from the cinema with my friend late one night. We had been stuck in a tunnel for 10 minutes when the driver announced over the PA that someone had fallen onto the tracks at the next station and we’d be held here till further notice.

After a few minutes I noticed that the guy sitting a few seats away from me looked to be in pain. He then moaned as he bent over clutching his stomach. The woman opposite him asked was he OK? He quietly said he’s got stomach cramps and was in desperate need for the toilet.

I turned to my friend and whispered “What a fucking situation to be in”. We began to talk real quietly about what we’d do in that situation I said "if I really had to go I'd just have to open the doors between the carriages squat down and just shit on the tracks."

After fifteen minutes it began to get hot and really uncomfortable on the train. We hadn't moved or received any updates from the driver. The guy seemed to be really struggling. I walked over to him and said 'dude, in all seriousness if you really need to go - open them doors and do what you gotta do'. He said he’d give it ten minutes and if were not on the move he'd have to.

Within a few minutes he became visibly worse and had began sweating profusely. I took some tissues I had from my pocket and handed to him and gave him a 'you know what to do' look. The woman opposite followed suite and handed him some pocket tissues from her handbag then put her shopping all into one bag and gave handed him the other empty carrier bag

My friend suggested it would be best if he could use the end carriage.We walked to the end carriage and  asked the only two guys sitting down can they move to the next carriage. Thankfully didn't ask any questions and just politely moved.

We left him alone in the carriage to shit. I stood in front of the carriage door to block people looking in. He was shitting hard for a good five minutes. I kept hearing him grunting. He was still shitting when we got an apologetic announcement that the train would now be on move. He was just pulling his paints up as the train pulled into the next station. He walked out of the carriage with a look of relief and joy I had not seen before or since. 
We deliberated as to whether he should carry the bag out of the station. I said to leave it . The smell of feces was so thick and fucking intense I wanted to gag. 

 He thanked us repeatedly for being so laid back and understanding. I said it's fine but made a point not to shake his hand. As we walked out of the station together we saw and ambulance pull up and a crew rush in holding a stretcher and a bunch of equipment,  which I'm guessing means the guy who fell was still alive

Sketch by David Dziemian

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I was coming out of work when I bumped into James. I told him I'm broke take me for tea and lets chat. Instead he took me to see the documentary The House I Live In (2012) an examination of the history and consequences of the "war on drugs". It was a great, terrifying and sad. We were so stoked cause David Simon featured prominently.

Afterwards we walked around and he said he'd buy me Mexican food. It was great to catch up one of those dudes who I might not see for six months but when I do, it's straight back into what's going on with our films/  music/movies/ TV right now.

James got spotted by this dude who was doing an exhibition on dudes with beards. His face is in the gallery, the book, the poster and even on the business card. #mild_jealousy.

Since the last week was pretty much throwing my fucking guts up this made for an unexpectedly great evening. What a guy to take his down and out friend on a date.

We hung out again recently and over dinner we got onto the subject of the TV show Girls and he looked me in the eye and said "that's what YOU should be doing, you're really talented I think you could write something as good"

Girls is an incredible show!  Lena Dunham is insanely talented so this comparison meant a great deal to me.
Also Girls is exploring similar things to what I write and wanna write about: relationships/ growing up/partying/ love and life and all that good shit.

I really respect and admire James and his words really meant something big to me.
Hopefully this is the start of something...or atleast the start of me finishing my damn short film anthology.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

There is love and there is everything else

When my mother met my father she asked him for his number. He wrote it on the back of this photo, he was so nervous and excited he wrote it down wrong the first time.

Mist of Time

This was my last day of nursery.
This me and the nanny's.
My mom said I loved that girl who I'm hugging. She was really nice to me.
My hug looks so passionate, already developing an intense attachment to girls.
I think I already knew I wasn't ready to deal with the world.


I was my Mom looking for some old pictures today...
Me and my father
Really feeling the pringle vibes.