Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hannah Lee says...

This Hannah.
She's my friend.
Hannah Lee wrote this about losing her virginity.
More from her soon I hope.

I 'lost' my virginity atop
my best friend's bed,
seventeen and sexually
manic with the movie
'manic' on mute (the
backdrop of my
de-flowering a frenzied
scene of mental malady)

As joseph gordon-leavitt tossed
chairs & manipulated masterfully,
I reached my fifth orgasm
within fifteen minutes
moaning melodically
in chorus with the

A new nymph
savoring semen
a new succulence
sinking stomachside.
"you're so wet,"
echoed in my eardrums
"I know. I suppose all those
salty tears shed
rose reincarnated
as sexual serum, my own
DNA-doused antidepressant.
This must be what they call
k a r m i c r e t r i b u t i o n

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