Thursday, July 04, 2013

Steve Roggenbuck Interview (part 1...maybe)

Steve Roggenbuck is a traveling poet and video blogger known for using various forms of social media to distribute work and interact with his fan base. He is often associated with the “alt lit” literary movement, composed of writers heavily influenced by Internet culture.

I've been a fan of Steve for a while. I saw him mentioned on HTMLGIANT  One Google search later I'm watching this crazed hyper video rant.

By the end of the video I felt like I had motion sickness but I really liked this guy. He said the book was published independently and every purchase counted. I thought thought fuck it I'm in. I went onto his site and bought his book. A few mins later I got and enthused email back from Steve saying thanks and he'll post in a few days.

Earlier in the week I sent him an mail asking would he be up for an interview? He said sure but let's make it quick and short since he's mad busy right now. I usually spend fucking forever reading previous interviews with people before I send off my questions I don't wanna repeat what other people have asked. For Steve I just fired off a bunch of questions and hit send.
This is what I got back. I didn't edit it or correct anything. It's better that way
I'm gonna send him a few more questions. Hopefully he'll write me back.

Lux: When was the last time you cried?

Steve: on the train from Montreal to New York City in late September

Lux: What's your feelings on Dr Pepper?

Steve: i haven't really had it much. in general i try not to drink soda now. i like carbonation a lot, but i try to get it from club soda and sparkling juice, it's just so much healthier and not putting junk in my body at all.

Lux: What is your favorite Eddie Murphy movie?

Steve: probably Dr Doolittle

Lux: Who is your favorite author(s) 'past' and 'present'?

Steve: past: Walt Whitman and E.E. Cummings. present: Tao Lin and Lil B the based god

Lux: Did you vote?

Steve: honestly i didn't, but i believe in voting, ideally i would have voted, i just didnt get the absentee ballot thing figured out with traveling

Lux: If you could have one piece of Steve Roggenbuck merchandise what would it be?

Steve: I want to make stickers that say BOOST and give them away for free

Lux: You announced that you were dropping out of school and selling the majority of your possessions? what was the hardest thing to part with?

Steve: none of it was hard to part with

Lux: What's been the best and worst experience of travelling around the country?

Steve: the best is doing readings and having a bunch of people lined up at the end who are excited to meet me and take a picture with me. the worst is feeling lonely and like i want to go home but i dont really have a home anymore.

Lux: What 'symbol' do you like more # or @ ?

Steve: @ because on twitter it means im talking to someone

Lux: What can we expect next from you?

Steve: in 2013 i'll be more settled, but i'll still tour in condensed bursts like how bands tour. i think i'll release another short book early in the year. I've got some ideas for new styles of videos, like using a green screen.. i think my videos and my poetry are becoming increasingly more integrated, so I'm starting to perform more of my video segments at live readings, putting more prewritten poetry in my youtube videos. no super-major changes tho, just continually refining my approach to everything.. building gradually to make something big and thriving and solid.

Lux: What do you want my readers to know?

Steve: you only have a limited time to be a human being on earth!! don't let anger and jealousy and thing's like that determine what you do with your time.. appreciate people and spread love and be the kind of person you can be proud of being.. haha :) boost <3 p="p">



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