Saturday, March 29, 2014

The desire for love in Western civilization is really a desire for death. And movies about love are often centered around death because in Western culture, love has a better shot at being dead than alive. Every Western love story comes in a body bag. Either we never get near it, or we get near it through glimpses, memories, flashbacks, wars, and fragments in order to focus on the psychopathology of its breakdown - Masha Tupitsyn, Beauty Talk & Monsters

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Anonymous said...

Man, you are outright wrong. I have to confess, your photos, or the Collection you have brought toghether is quite Amazing. I spent the better part of two hours just looking at them. But belive me dear friend, what you have found in her is beyond western culture, memories or even Death. What you have found is love. Plain and simple, and it ain't simple. Let got and love her. We'll take care of the rest, moving Life onwards. dying and other earthly things. Give her my best.